The MiddlePath Group of Tulsa meets weekly for the benefit of meditation and inspiration.

Exploration of non-sectarian, Buddhist teachings and philosophy serve as our guideline for developing a personal practice of meditation and mindfulness.

MiddlePath is an open group and welcomes people from all racial, ethnic, economic, sexual, social, political, religious and non-religious backgrounds and preferences. There is never a "conversion" agenda.

Who you are is up to you. We offer a Path for being it fully.

"Like the strings of a lute, wound too tight they will break, too loose they will not play.
Only the middle string which is neither too loose nor too tight, produces a pleasant and harmonious sound when stuck.

So those who follow the Middle Path which avoid the extreme of indulging one's desires and opposite extreme of torturing one's mind and body unreasonably, will find happiness, peace of mind and Enlightenment. This is the Fourth Noble Truth of the path leading to the end of suffering." - Buddha


Middle Path Meetings

Group Meets every:
Sunday 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

St. John's Center for
Spiritual Formation

5840 S. Memorial Dr., Suite 305
Tulsa, OK 74145-9082

Travel on Memorial Drive to 60th Street. Turn west on 60th. The street curves around to the backside of our building, which is the Shadow Mountain Office Center Building. You will see an entrance to the parking lot. Turn in. You will then see a set of double glass doors. Go through those doors and we are the last suite on the right, Suite 305. Our building is on a hill, but if you follow these directions you will enter the building on our level, which is the third floor.

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